Coding Projects

Various online applications I've made at, some point in my life. I basically only add to this page when the need to create strikes me, but if you have any suggestions for something you'd like to exist, let me know and I will almost certainly take it as a challenge and compulsively work on nothing but that for a couple days until it's finished.


My senior project from university, creating a recipe sharing service! Built with Django, Python, and SQLite, and maybe the longest (three months) I've ever spent working on a single software project. This is still fully-functional, if you ever need a place to upload recipes, though it's mostly just in place as a demonstration piece.

Pride Flag Generator

Messing around with Javascript and HTML5, I made a tool that lets you create arbitrarily colored 2:1 ratio pride flags with up to eight stripes. Also includes a randomize button, in case you need inspiration with a random color palette, or you need a new flag for your LGBT identity / micronation / Tumblr post.

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